We are proud to introduce the concept of streaming Christian Telugu Music through an online portal; first of its kind in India. Through this we would like to bring your albums / Eps / singles into the public domain and help the listener experience the presence of God through your art and work.


To make every single piece of Telugu gospel music available to all the Telugu people living in every corner of the world.

  • Bring in music within the reach of the listeners with an easy to access website.
  • Provide a platform for artists to exhibit their work.
  • Provide alternate solutions for album producers to reach a majority of the public; a win-win situation.

Receive albums from music producers and upload the same on to the website and make it available for everyone to listen.


You get a global exposure and a platform to reach to the larger audience. Direct album launches and promotions through the website.

Development Plan

Phase 1: Make all the albums available for users to listen

Phase 2: Provide direct download links to the users where they can pay and download the albums

Terms of Partnership:
  1. We are a nonprofit organization and our aim is to provide a platform for all Telugu Christians worldwide to listen to any Telugu Christian music album ever made.
  2. The albums which will be available on the website should only consist of Telugu Christian Gospel songs, which are used to worship and glorify The Creator God whom we believe to be YAHWEH, His one and only Son and the Savior of the world, Lord Jesus Christ and our companion, The Holy Spirit.
  3. Our organization does not promise any monetary benefits to the producers for using their albums on our website. The only benefit is a global exposure and availability of the album for a larger audience to listen.
  4. Promotions of the launch of an album and any promo video can be aired in the body and included in the updates of the website. Any banner ads, text ads, sponsored ads or rich media ads, etc., are chargeable based on a tariff plan given.
  1. Album producers can choose to upload their promo album, where only a snippet/portion/sample of the each song is made available for the first 100 calendar days of its launch as to not affect the sale of the albums. Later, the whole album will be made live for the users to listen.
  2. Any download url/link of the album provided on the website will be in a pay and download format. The download can be made available for a discounted price of the original album MRP. No individual song download will be available. We only provide a full album download (with an exception for singles). The revenue generated through these downloads will be shared between the album producer and our website in a 60:40 ratio respectively.
  3. Any income generated by our organization through advertisements and downloads is used to run the website (labor cost, equipment cost, stationery, etc.) and not for the profit of any individual or a team. The surplus amount will be used for the development of future projects.
  4. The visibility and availability of all albums on the website is completely based on the default design and format of the website, which is decided by our organization.
  5. Any list of top albums or top songs displayed on the website will be based only on user polls or website statistics. No preferences or recommendations will be accepted by any artist or Production company.
  6. Recommendations and suggestions to upload a certain album on the website can be sent in by any person (user, partner, artist, etc.) But the final decision will be made only by the website organization after a thorough review and required permissions are taken.

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